About Us

Welcome to Campus 360! We built Campus 360 with one goal in mind: democratizing access to the campus visit experience. We believe that a student, whether they be from across the state, across the country, or on the other side of the world, deserves a chance to see firsthand what campuses look like before the apply or enroll in a school or university. Campus 360 is a free service for students and institutions: all an institution needs to be on the platform is 360 degree view photos of campus and a map that outlines where the locations are.Don’t have a virtual tour built, or feel like it needs an update? Worry not! Our team of 30 coders, photographers, and drone pilots can create a state of the art tour for you as well.

About Us

Gavin Newton-Tanzer Gavin Newton-Tanzer CEO
Jacob Newton-Tanzer Jacob Newton-Tanzer Development Manager
Keating Sherry Keating Sherry US Partnerships Director
David Weeks David Weeks COO
Serena Sun Serena Sun Designer
Ivy Liu Ivy Liu Project Manager
Jack Wang Jack Wang Project Manager

Our Tech


Explore Campuses Immersively

Campus 360 relies on our state-of-the-art image stitching algorithms that guarantees that every pixel perfectly lines up with each other creating a natural, perfectly smooth virtual tour experience. Our photographers make use of only 4 and 8k cameras to capture the finest details of your campus.

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Take a Tour

Take a tour of one of the many universities on our platform -- see historic campuses, proud monuments, revolutionary labs. We have recorded all of the photo and video footage in the highest possible quality, creating realistic environments that make you feel like you're actually on campus.