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For Education Institutions

A virtual tour unlike any other. For students around the world.

Institutions of all sizes benefit from having a high-quality virtual tour accessible to students from out of state and around the world. Virtual tours help prospective students visualize the local environment and community of a campus. They bring a paper brochure to life. They make it possible for a student with limited time or resources to see the magic in a campus thousands of miles away. Campus 360 is a neutral platform that allows college, universities, and high schools to share their campus tours with the world, completely for free. Campus 360, through its partner Sunrise 360, offers high-quality professional filming and tour development services for institutions seeking to update or create their virtual campus tour, at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Gather your footage

Share the Media with Us

Map Locations on Campus

Publish Your Tour on Campus 360. Completely for free.

What Makes Campus 360 Unique?

No Clunky App.

Campus 360 is a mobile-optimized website, so students don’t have to go through a cumbersome registration process to begin touring universities around the world.

It’s Free. Really.

Campus 360 is completely free to universities that share their media on the platform, and it’s completely free to students who use the platform. Any institution with its VR or 360 media of its campus can upload their tour to the Campus 360 platform.

Internationally accessible.

Just like your campus, your 360 tour will be home for every student on earth. Your tour will be hosted on servers arround the globe, surpassing the Chinese firewall, opening quickly in Africa, and bringing a summer view to the chilly Baltics.

Maintain Ownership.

Your media and pictures are yours. If you share your media on our platform, that remains the case: no byzantine system of licensing, no backdoors, no strings attached. Upload your media to Campus 360 anytime you like, and ask us to remove your media anytime you like.

Diverse Language Support.

Do you have an ESL progrsm? Our tours support multi-language, audio, and video support enabling your admission staff to shape the experience of students in need of a little extra assistance.