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Democratizing the campus tour experience

What is Campus 360?

Students have thousands of universities to choose from but can only visit a tiny handful of campuses. Virtual campus tours help students overcome the limits of time and money to explore campuses that they might have never considered. The technology is in place to make virtual campus tours truly immersive and useful experiences, rather than static slideshows. 5G and ever-faster phones means that students can use a mobile device to explore campuses with ease. Campus 360 is a platform that allows students to virtually explore different campuses around the world, send in questions to admissions offices, and even begin the process of applying if they see themselves making a home in a campus they visit. Too many students are making school decisions based on a simple rank on a website and not enough are as informed about the intangible information like what it’s like to be immersed in that school’s environment. Virtual tours help students discover new possibilities and better inform them about such an important decision in their lives.

Connect your phone/tablet/VR device to Wi-Fi

Go to Campus 360

Enter any tour you like

Navigate around using the arrows and click on stories to hear more

How Does It Work?

Students can use a mobile device, tablet, computer, VR headset, or even a smart TV to explore different campus tours on our platform for free. Students enter a tour and can choose to browse the tour conventionally or in “VR mode” using a VR headset or a cardboard mobile phone adapter. Students can look around each campus location, move around by tapping the arrows on the ground, and hear interesting stories about what they see by clicking on quote icons that pop up on the tour.

What Makes Campus 360 Unique?

No Downloads or Apps

Campus 360 is a mobile-optimized website that just works with any browser on any device including ultra-high end VR headsets. No downloading a poorly optimized and clunky app is required, so students can begin touring their favorite schools with no hassle. Stop wasting time and start touring now!

Stories to Inspire and Connect.

Feel like you’re in control of your own personal tour with interactive and engaging stories. Blue bubbles that appear during the tour allow students to learn more about the campus and the school with short text blurbs and media. And, don’t worry, if you don’t find the stories interesting, you can always skip them!

Internationally Accessible.

Campus 360 is accessible for anywhere on Earth with an Internet connection, even for those living behind the Great Firewall of China. You can tour campuses all around the globe from the comfort and safety of your own home.

First Hand, Accurate Information.

Because we work directly with universities, we are able to provide accurate, up-to-date information about admissions and the university. Third-party resources may sometimes be inaccurate or simply out-of-date.

It’s Free. No Fees, No Fuss.

Campus 360 is completely free for students to use. There are no dues, no membership payments, no hidden fees -- Campus 360 is committed to making college tours as accessible as possible.

Direct Connections.

Our platform enables students to directly interface with admissions inquiry pages without needing to navigate away from the page. You can schedule a visit, browse the university’s webpage, or even ask their admissions officers questions directly inside the tour!