Campus 360 Will Be Filming and Producing a Virtual Campus Tour for Chemeketa Community College

Campus 360

Community colleges have historically democratized access to higher education, and as a platform committed to democratizing access to college tours, we here at Campus 360 are pleased to announce that Chemeketa Community College will be our first community college with a full service virtual campus tour on our platform!

At Campus 360, we think that virtual college tours are an important way to allow students to explore different campuses and find the college campus that’s right for them, regardless of time, money, or public health restrictions. Virtual campus tours allow international students to see campus despite closed borders and limited flights. Virtual college tours like Campus 360 also allow non-local students to tour a campus without needing to stay in hotels, ride in crowded transportation, or drive long distances. It’s with this commitment to access of the campus tour experience for all students that Campus 360 is proud to announce that we’ll be filming and producing a virtual campus tour for Chemeketa Community College in Oregon!

Community colleges have served as a tool for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue higher education in a way that makes it affordable and accessible. Former President Barack Obama stated that, “Community colleges play an important role in helping people transition between careers by providing the retooling they need to take on a new career”.

On average, students who attend community college can save as much as $8000-$30,000 or more in costs as opposed to attending a public or private 4-year college. In addition to saving on tuition, community colleges also offer a variety of 2-year degrees, trade programs, and professional skills development programs that work to benefit students of all ages in the job market. The accessibility of academic and professional opportunities is also generally higher to the community due to their inexpensive monetary costs, ability to eventually transfer credits, time flexibility, and rolling admissions without the requirement to be a full-time student, especially benefitting parents and working professionals seeking a degree.

Chemeketa Community College is located in Oregon, with its main campuses in Salem and McMinnville and 5 satellite campuses in Oregon. Founded in 1970, the College is a public two-year degree institution offering over 120 different certificate and degrees including two-year university-level technical degrees, transfer degrees, and intensive English. The College notes that some of its outstanding two-year programs include computer electronics, graphic design, hospitality management, nursing, wine studies, and intensive English. Popular transfer programs include business, social sciences, and engineering. Its Eola campus even features an 8-acre vineyard and student-run winery!


Check back at Campus 360 for our growing variety of virtual campus tours, including the virtual tour for Chemeketa Community College!